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Avoiding the Quarantine Crazies

Okay. So we are all starting to get used to this new, slower pace of life. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting easier. Sometimes I’ll think I’m actually starting to enjoy all this time to myself to relax and work on whatever project my heart desires, then within hours, I’m spiraling into a lonely self-pitying anxiety funk. I know I’m not alone in this, but … Continue reading Avoiding the Quarantine Crazies

Things that Drive me Bonkers

The sound of people chewing their food. Or really any use of their mouth other than talking that makes noise. I’ve literally broken up with somebody over this… while on a romantic vacation to PANAMA. You’d think I could have waited until we got back home but nope. Dude didn’t know how to eat shrimp tacos. (He also had anger issues and smelled like urine … Continue reading Things that Drive me Bonkers